Nathan Hall. 150 Handkerchiefs, 2018.

Fosshús – Open studio

23rd Nov 2018, 17:00 - 19:00. Nathan Hall.

Composer and artist Nathan Hall will transform the house Brekka (Austurvegur 44b) into an installation called FOSSHÚS. The three floors will have sound and visual […]


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Works on Paper

26.10.2018 – 14.11.2018. Angelica Falkeling and Anna Łuczak.

This place has the smoogy look as the opening scene of Fargo. Kumiko thought the money was real and went for a hunt. James Bond […]


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Artists Talk #30

Tuesday, Oct 16 at 16.30. Anna Łuczak, Angelica Falkeling, Dana Neilson, Tuomo Savolainen, Nathan Hall, Philipp Valenta.

This Tuesday, Oct 16 at 16.30, Skaftfell will host its thirtieth Artist Talk. In this session six international artist will present their work and practice for […]


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Printing Matter exhibition

Saturday Sept 22 from 16.00-18.00. Camille Lamy, Katherine Leedale, Miriam McGarry, Nathalie Brans, Pauline Barzilai, Rosie Flanagan, Wilma Vissers.

On Saturday, September 22, the yield from Printing Matter, a thematic residency organized by Skaftfell in collaboration with the Technical Museum of East Iceland, will […]


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Launching event, Saturday Sept 8 at 13.00.

Join us in Herðubreið for the launching of BRAS, a new cultural festival dedicated to children and young adults. Live music from young locals and […]


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All kinds of landscapes

Sept 8 - Oct 6, 2018. Nína Tryggvadóttir & Gunnlaugur Scheving.

Landscape and nature has always been an inspiration for artists. Icelandic artists Nína Tryggvadóttir (1913-1968) and Gunnlaugur Scheving (1904-1972) are no exception from that tradition. […]


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Birds of passage 1998-2018

May 26 - June 10, 2018.

An artist residency “is an outcome of time, place and people and it offers an opportunity for enduring relationships and a profound communion with both […]


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Birds of passage – seminar

Saturday June 9 at 13.00.

20 years of Skaftfell’s artist-in-residency program have resulted in 250 artists coming to Seyðisfjörður and to East Iceland. Some have left a physical trace behind, […]