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Artists Talk #30

Tuesday, Oct 16 at 16.30. Anna Łuczak, Angelica Falkeling, Dana Neilson, Tuomo Savolainen, Nathan Hall, Philipp Valenta.

This Tuesday, Oct 16 at 16.30, Skaftfell will host its thirtieth Artist Talk. In this session six international artist will present their work and practice for […]


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When I Visit Homes

Friday April 28 at 18.00. Uta Pütz

German artists Uta Pütz presents works in progress in the foyer of Herðubreið Community Center Friday April 28 at 18.00. The art works have been […]


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Artists Talk #28

Thursday March 9 at 16:30. Mary Hurrel (UK), Uta Pütz (DE), Tzu Ting Wang (TW)

Skaftfell welcomes three artists-in-residence for March with an open artists talk Thursday March 9 in the Bistro. Mary Hurrel (UK), Uta Pütz (DE) and Tzu Ting […]


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Suspending plains

Nora Mertes

Welcome to the presentation of experiments by Nora Mertes at the Bookshop-projectspace Thursday January 21, from 20.00 -22.00. Nora Mertes researches the relationship between the human […]


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Artist talk #25

Tuesday January 19 at 16:30 Skaftfell, Austurvegur 43, 3rd floor. Meet and hear the current Artists-in-Residence at Skaftfell in January, Nora Mertes (DE) & Rashanna […]


Verk eftir David Edward Allen

Artist talk #22

7. maí kl. 14:00 David Edward Allen (GB/DE), Francesco Bertelé (I), Halina Kleim (DE), Reza Rezai (CAN)

This Thursday May 7th. it will be possible to get introduced to current and newly arrived artists in residence; Francesco Bertele, Reza Rezai, David Edward Allen and Halina Kliem whom […]