Creative: the Seyðisfjörður map

The artist group RoShamBo, in good collaboration with Skaftfell Center for Visual Art has now published a web based map which contains information on workshops, residencies, galleries, project platforms, schools and interesting phenomena in Seyðisfjörður. The map is intended to serve people working in the creative industries; artists, designers, craftspeople and others who wish to work in Seyðisfjörður, execute projects, produce works or work on research and development. In short the map serves the ones who are on it and all their clients and collaborators, current and future.

The map has already proven useful for the artists in residence at Skaftfell and will benefit the surge of new residency-, education- and project opportunities in Seyðisfjörður such as Heima, Creative Residency, L.ungA artfestival, the L.ungA school, Skálar Centre for Sound Art and Electronical Music and Fru Laras Woolworks.