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Educational projects for elementary schools

Skaftfell, in 2007, started to provide systematic art education custom made to meet the needs of students in East Iceland. Every winter Skaftfell has offered new projects and brought them to elementary schools in East Iceland, presenting art in one form or another, thereby strengthening art education in the area.

Landscape and sound figures is the title Skaftfells art education project for the winter of 2017-2018 with the sound sculpture Tvísöngur, by German artists Lukas Kühne, as the main focus. The students will also be invited for a guided tour of the ongoing exhibition in the Skaftfell gallery, Edge EffectsRead more.

Skaftfell´s art education project for winter 2016-2017 was a travelling art workshop were the concept of oral tradition is analysed as well as the transformation when its recorded. The workshop travelled between schools in October 2016 and is designed for students in mid level. Instructor was Ragnheiður Maísól Sturludóttir. Read more.

Perception lab for color and shape is a travelling workshop lead Icelandic artist Karlotta Blondal. The workshop will introduce students to artworks of Eygborg Gudmundsdottir and Eygló Harðardóttir and provide them with methods for studying the properties of color and shape. Read more.

Digital Craftsmanship emphasizes the union of creativity and sustainability and is designed for fifth, sixth and seventh graders in primary schools around the east fjords. Read more.

The educational project during the winter of 2013-2014 revolved around the visual language and practice of the Swiss artist Dieter Roth. Skaftfell invited primary school students from ten to twelve years of age to a guided tour of the exhibition Fancy-Cake in The Sun focusing mainly on print works and book works by the artist. Following the visit the students were invited to partake in a creative workshop and on a tour to examine the printing machines and gear in the Technical Museum in Seydisfjordur. Read more.
A guided tour was offered through the exhibition Every other day, another place. (Annan hvern dag, á öðrum stað.) The exhibition was the result of a yearly course being held at Skaftfell since 2001, by The Academy of Fine Arts and The Dieter Roth Academy.

The course Ideas and recycling in art and creation was started during the year. The course´s goal is to broaden the students horizon and widen their aesthetic literacy. Two teachers went to 13 schools and around 130 students between the age of 12-16 took part in the course.

During the winter the Chest of Knowledge was created in co-operation with the Technical Museum of East Iceland. The project´s aim was to look at the connection between art and science in stimulating manner. The Chest went to all elementary schools in East Iceland and was well received.

The first educational project from Skaftfell was made in 2007, and was a joint project with Iceland´ National Gallery. An exhibition was set up – Icelandic visual art: hundred years in a nutshell, in Skaftfell´s Main Gallery, and around 300 students from the area were invited for short courses in connection with the exhibition. The goal was to broaden the students knowledge of the evolution of art and better their visual literacy, particularly in terms of modern art.