Agust 10-17, 2012
The Bookshop – Projectspace / Reaction Intermediate

On the 26 of February 2012 the Black Unicorn went down into the sea at Bjólfsbakki.

On Friday August 10, the plan is to get the Unicorn back from the bottom of the harbor and revive it. The performance will take place at 17.00 at the harbour, Bjólfsbakki (at the old ferie dock).

In the following week the artist will attend to the Unicorn in an open studio at the Bookshop-Projectspace. Guests are welcome to drop by. The process will finish on Friday Agust 17, at 20.00 with a finisage where the artist will exhibit the result of his work.

Viktor Pétur Hannesson was born in a plane after denying to enter the world for three weeks. Since then the trip has bring him to many places. It didn’t really start though until after living for twelve years in Egilsstaðir when his family moved to Reykjavík. Last spring he landed from his last trip, freshly graduated from Iceland’s Academy of the Arts. The plan is to move on.

The project is a part of Skaftfell’s summer exhibition series Reaction Intermediate.