Outdoor sculpture garden

The sculpture garden is a flexible and fluid venue curated by Skaftfell. It is located on a landfill area in the east-side of town, next to the ferry harbour. It is integrated into Hafnargarður, a community garden developed and supervised by the local Harbour Garden community.

Skaftfell is open for proposals for the sculpture garden. All sculpture suggestions should be directed to Skaftfell. The art center will also commission selected artists to create sculptures. Skaftfell facilitates the production process and presentation of the sculpture.


  • The sculptures in the garden should be environmentally conscious and therefore made out of natural or recycled material.
  • The sculptures themselves or the subject of the artwork should encourage community/social/physical engagement or interaction (a two-way process in which one party motivates the other and both parties experience change).


  • The sculptures are temporary but have to be able to stand for a minimum of three months.
  • The sculptures must be child-friendly and be able to withstand strong weather, especially wind.
  • The sculpture must be sustainable in terms of maintenance.