Sequences VII Off-Venue program: “Salat Dagar” April 18-19

At the Bookshop – projectspace.
Opening Saturday April 18, at 17.00.
Sunday April 19, open 13.00-16.00.

As a part of Sequences VII – off venue program Skaftfell presents SALAT DAGAR (Salat Days) by Jan- Michel Harmening, current Artist-in-Residence.

Harmening will show the new work Die Locherin made in Seyðisfjörður. Die Locherin is a machine that by the means of a small needle makes holes in a 35 mm. film while projecting this action simultaneously. A sewing machine and projector joined to a single collaborating unit.

The position of the constant addition of holes are calculated by the recursive function and already pierced holes. The projection presents a real time action and imagery of pinholes. The work has two attributes, the process is the trivial monotone act and the outcome is the instantly visualized presentation. A derivative is then formed by these sides interacting with each other and creating jumping shadows.

References to the work are Franz Kafkas “In the penal colony”, Alan Turings “Turing Test” and the Bachelor Machine by Duchamp.

salat dagar poster

Jan- Michel Harmenings handling and attention to electronic switching circuits contributes to his perception of aesthetics and the formula: extravagance = beauty. In these fields the forces of resistance, rotation and difference have an impact and are productive, as are uniformity and interference, which control the stream of communication and images, dissect into binary codes and pump through Ethernet cables.