“Entrance” by previous artist-in-residence Anna Anders will be screened on during the weekend November 15-17. The video was recorded in Seyðisfjörður June 2012 and many locals participated in the making.

Each sequence shows a building in Seyðisfjörður from outside, and has a duration of 9:40 min. From time to time the inhabitants come out of the front door and water plants or call the cat, are busy with their children, clean the stairs, play an instrument or knit a sweater…  accompanied by corresponding noises. The whole installation is a precisely tuned choreography of different events and sounds, creating a new village with colourful houses and nineteen short stories.

The process and timing of these activities were developed in collaboration with the participants. This video work is thus something between documentation, performance and fiction.

The entrance door serves as an interface between privateness and publicity, or as a theatre curtain on the world’s stage, on which men and women act.


Jónbjört Aðalsteinsdóttir, Einar Bragi, Ting Cheng, Philippe Clause, Árni Elisson, Sigurveig Gisladóttir, Tota Gunnlaugsdóttir, Sveinhildur Isleifsdóttir, Diljá Jónsdóttir, Anna Karlsdóttir, Pétur Kristjánsson, Zanda Krúze with Marija Eva and Sofija Una, Maria Ólafsdóttir, Páll Thamrong Snorrason, Rúnar L. Sveinsson, Bryndis Tdradóttir, Hjalti H. Thorkelsson, Vilhjálmur Rúnar Vilhjalmssón.

Assistants: Rökkvi Dyrason and Sindri Dyrason

Sound Mixing: Christian Obermaier

Post Production: Franziska Röhlig

Text: Anna Anders