The work Found by Paula Prats is a series of snapshots from the 60’s found in a Canadian flea market with images taken by her today, each pair forming a diptych.

Elements on their own often need to be juxtaposed with something else to acquire relevance. In Found, lost and underappreciated everyday pictures are seen in a new light by linking them to another image. An image, nevertheless, far in time, technique and intention. Once in this context, a visual reference is born and the possibility to make associations created. Found is a space where an image meets with its echo 50 years later, a fake deja vú.

The project celebrates the countless amount of disclaimed vernacular images, the found, the lost, the photos nobody will have time to look at, the ordinary and the elevated. The pictures filled with the emptiness of forgotten memories, the useless, the bad ones, and, ultimately, the act of looking and photography itself.

Paula Prats (b.1986) has BA in Fine Arts from the San Carlos School of Arts, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. She expanded her photographic studies in the universities of Emily Carr Art+Design of Vancouver and Middlesex University of London. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally, participating in exhibitions in Spain, U.K, Canada and Mexico.