Radiotelegraph – 107.1 FM

Radiotelegraph is a beacon simulcast by a private low-watt transmitter in Seyðisfjörður (around 107.1 FM) and by the experimental radio platform Radius in Chicago (88.9 FM) at sundown Seyðisfjörður time, from October 7-11.

1906 was not only the year that Seyðisfjörður connected to Europe via trans-oceanic telegraph cable, it was also the year of the first audio transmission of the human voice by wireless means undertaken by Reginald Fessenden on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean at Brant Rock, Massachusetts.

Voice, electronics, and radio signals by Anna Friz, all recorded and mixed at Hóll, Seyðisfjörður.

Anna Friz is a Canadian sound and radio artist currently based in Chicago. She specializes in multi-channel transmission systems for installation, performance, and broadcast, where radio is the source, subject and medium of the work. She also composes works for theatre, dance, film and solo performance that reflect upon public media culture or reveal interior landscapes. She is an artist in residence at Skaftfell for September and October.