The Shades of Blue

– A videoscreening

Jan. 5th  from 16:00-20:00 at the Bookshop – projectspace

Mariko Takahashi has been an artist in residence at Skaftfell – Hóll for the months of November, December and until mid January.

“I am interested in the sense of being out of reality, such as numbness, dream or euphoria. Often with the use of visual (moving image, light) and audio in a specific space, I aim to reach these states. In order to do so, I need to know what I want to escape from. I need to know about reality and how I recognize something as real.

Being in Seyðisfjörður meant that I was in the another phase of my nomadic life, which I had been having for over 20 years. I found a surreal here. Somehow I didnʼt feel like I was in the real world even though I was quite get used to being as an outsider. So I had a little struggle with finding a reality here. To grab a sense of reality, or at least, to find something real for me, I have started to collect shades of blue as the elements to consist the everyday here. It was the way to realize and interact with the reality.”

Mariko Takahashi