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Kynning á myndbandsverkum

Á föstudaginn kl. 17 -18 mun Marcellvs L. sýna brot úr myndbandsverkum sínum í aðalsal Skaftfells.

Marcellvs L. hefur verið gestalistamaður Skaftfells í janúar.

The work of Marcellvs L. consists of recording encounters using a camera and a microphone. It might possibly give the impression of a chance meeting, or of a quest for something during which something else is found, but ultimately what he represent is always mediated, something that is made. He try to linger in an ambivalent place, one where there is a conjunction of attention, trust, detachment.

Allir velkomnir.

Sjá nánar: http://www.caosmos.org/