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Opin vinnustofa

Svissnesku listamennirnir Livia Salome Gnos og Stephan Perrinjaquet hafa dvalið í gestavinnstofu Skaftfells frá því í desember. Þau ljúka dvöl sinni með því að opna vinnustofuna fyrir gestum laugardaginn, 5. desember, frá kl. 17-20.

„Stephan aka Dollar Mambo  works in Seydisfjordur on a new album project. He’s using acoustic sounds and electronics. During this one month residency, he used audio material recorded in Tvsongur installation, and do collaborate with the people and artists living here in Seydisfjordur. Singing, percussions, and saxophone…

„It’s  an evidence that my visual work belongs to what we can see.
But how to define the borders between reality and abstraction ? Could abstraction be named as such only until what is seen is understood ?
I’m trying to catch some of the universal language of transformations.“