Sýning og listamannaspjall: Joan Perlman og Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt

17. maí, 2022, 17:00-19:00, í Herðubreið og Herðubío 

Gestalistamenn Skaftfells í apríl og maí, Joan Perlman (US) og Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt (CA), munu kynna nýleg verk á stuttri sýningu þann 17. maí, þar á meðal prentverk, myndbönd og verk í vinnslu. Þau munu halda óformlegt listamannaspjall klukkan 17:30. Léttar veitingar verða í boði og eru allir velkomnir.

Um listamennina:

Joan Perlman is a visual artist based in Los Angeles and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her paintings and videos have been widely shown in solo and group exhibitions in the US and abroad, and in Iceland in solo shows at Hafnarborg and Skriðuklaustur. Her videos were featured e.g. in the Nordic International Film Festival (NY) and Currents New Media Film Festival (Santa Fe). As a video artist, Joan has collaborated with international composers including Laurie Spiegel, Chris Watson, and Linda Buckley. Her work has been covered in The NY Times, Hyperallergic, The Boston Globe, NPR and RÚV. Perlman was awarded a 2022-23 Arts Fellowship from the American-Scandinavian Foundation in support of her current residency at Skaftfell.

During her stay in Seyðisfjörður Joan is filming a video piece, and making monoprints and gouaches. This work comprises a new project inspired by the coastal waters, ocean and tides in Iceland, including the vibrant life, colors and light found in intertidal zones; and the tides’ deep wave energy. The project continues her long standing exploration of the transformative energy of the powerful waters and volcanic terrain of the far north.

Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt (b. 1984, Canada) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher working at the intersection between sound, performance and installation. He is trained in comparative literature, and works and lives between Aylmer and Montreal, Canada. Marc’s practice, grounded in specific sites or communities, develops conceptual strategies that investigate historical, political and cultural phenomena. He is interested in how we inhabit the contradictions, in language and beyond, that emerge from how we depend on each other, as well as on nonhuman forces that exceed our understanding. His work has been exhibited and performed in Canada, the United States, Chile and Greece.

During his residency at Skaftfell, Marc has been interested in deconstructing the romantic worldview of the sublime in relationship to the surrounding environment of Seyðisfjörður. Through photographic studies, field recordings, video work and ready-made sculptures, he has been exploring how we inhabit an unpredictable landscape that we depend on, but can’t control.