Dansa kvld me ljs bjr og vde list


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“Dansakvldme ljsbjrogvdelist. ” – Saturday night 14/4 from 21:00 at the Bookshop – projectspace

At the Decks:

Hhne & Shne & Topmann & Acktryggur.

Entschuldigen Sie bitte?

For the month of April, The Bookshop – projectspace willserve as a studio platform for the development of work by the members of the GV group; Philipp Ackermann, Christin Berg, Christoph Hhne, Claus Lehmann, Valentin Lubberger, Lasse Wilkening, Thomas Judisch, Linus Lohmann.

“The notion is to build a permanent structure representing an effigy of human effort protecting themselves from elements and forces of nature”

GVwas founded in 2007 in Germany.The artists from this collective work site-specifically in collaboration . Based in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Reykjavik, GV consists of architects, sculptors, painters, and stage designer.They are currently artists in residence at the Norurgata residency, Skaftfell.


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