20140605 res selection compos 500x235 Residency program

The 2017 AiR program is open for application
from June – September 1, 2016.

Program outline

The aim of the Residency Program at Skaftfell is to create and nurture an environment for inspiration; to encourage artists to experience life and work in a unique micro community where creativity is applied to the everyday; to foster a sense of community between artists and the public in the rural setting ofEast-Iceland; to facilitate circumstances for artists to experience, reflect and explore new possibilities for their practice and provide conditions that stimulate the dialogue between art and life.

The program is aimed primarily at visual artists but those with an interdisciplinary practices are also eligible to apply.

Skaftfell runs a Long-term Residency Program with a duration from 1 – 6 months and a Short-term Research Residency Program at the Skaftfell Hub of 1-14 days duration ( open for application all year).

The Long-term Residency Program offers both an Exclusive Residency with the sole use of self contained apartment and a Collective Residency option within a shared house, with combined living and working spaces and with a private single bedroom. The Group Residency includes accommodation suited for groups in a house or apartment with a number of bedrooms and access to the Bookshop – projectspace.

Short-term Research Residency Program is aimed at arts professionals in the field of visual art and located at The Skaftfell hub – an open workspace on the top floor of Skaftfells main building where the resident is accommodated with a desk and a private bedroom.

The Residency Programs at Skaffell are self-directed with the possibility of support from the staff at Skaftfell, who can assist participants in pursuing artistic research and practice. Artists are welcome to participate in the Skaftfell educational program, including artist talks, presentations or workshops for the local community, or the Skaftfell Art Class, which provides an educational opportunity for children from the local primary school. Long-term artists-in-residence can propose to exhibit work at the Bookshop – projectspace run by Skaftfell.

For further information

Contact residency(a)skaftfell.is

or phone +354 472 1632