Long-term Residencies

Long-term Residencies

The Long-term Residencies are located in selected charming old houses in the town of Seydisfjörður.
 The town is well known in Iceland for its well preserved wooden houses painted in individual color schemes and as the tradition and weather prescribes covered in corrugated iron.

All residencies have two bedrooms, bathroom with shower, kitchen, a living room area and studio/workspace with worktables and internet access. The houses are equipped with beds, dining sets, duvets, linens and towels for up to 5 people.

Examples of locations are the Birgir Andrésson residency Hóll, previously inhabited by the Icelandic artist Birgir Andrésson, on Vesturvegur by the river. In the garden in the back of the house The Secret Garden Veranda (By swedish artist Suzanna Asp) is located and can be used for private contemplation as well as public events and performances by artists-in-residence. The Norðurgata residency is located in the heart of the old part of town right between the local bar Cafe Lara and the Blue church.

The Birgir Andrésson residency – Hóll

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The Norðurgata residency – Dreamhouse

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