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General Information

What to bring

Warm, waterproof clothes, hat, gloves, hiking boots or other good waterproof shoes/boots, swimsuit.

Private computers, cameras, video recorders, adapters to connect to data projectors, etc., specialized art materials and tools as needed.

European citizens are advised to bring a European Health Insurance Card.

Towels and bedlinen are provided in the residency apartments.


How to get to Seyðisfjörður

By airplane:

Many airlines travel to Iceland from all parts of the world. The Icelandic airlines are Icelandair www.icelandair.com, and WOW Air www.wow.is, both of which fly to the international airport Keflavik.

When arriving in Iceland at Keflavik Airport, Seyðisfjörður is still a small journey away. You will first have to make the transit from Keflavik International Airport to the Reykjavík Domestic Airport: For the transfer between airports you should calculate at least 2,5 hours. The Flybus airport bus will take you to the BSÍ central bus station. You can either take a taxi from there, or, if you have booked a Flybus+ ticket, you change here to a smaller bus, which takes you to the domestic airport. You can buy the bus tickets either online or at the ticket office at Keflavik Airport. https://www.re.is/flybus/

From Reykjavik Domestic Airport you fly to Egilsstaðir. Air Iceland Connect operates this flight several times a day, flight time is 1 hr. http://www.airicelandconnect.com. It is highly recommended to coordinate arrival times in Egilsstaðir with the local minibus that will take you from Egilsstaðir to Seyðisfjörður. The morning flight (at 7:30) connects directly to the bus (at 8:50). The lunchtime and afternoon flights (at 11:50 or 14:40) will enable you to take the afternoon bus at 16:15. There is no bus on Sundays and public holidays. Local minibus schedule: http://www.visitseydisfjordur.com/project/local-bus-schedule/  Watch out: there is a summer schedule and a winter schedule, be sure to check the right one for your journey.

We regret to say that Skaftfell doesn’t have the capacity to pick up its artists from Egilsstaðir airport. If linking the flight to the minibus is impossible, you could hitchhike, or take a taxi, which will cost around 12.000 ISK (70 Euros) one way. Taxi contacts: Guttormur 00354-6594828; Jón 00354-8982625

All this might mean that it is better to stay one night in Reykjavík. There is a possibility to book accommodation in Reykjavik via the Icelandic Artists Association www.sim.is. Minimum stay: 2 nights. There are also plenty of hostels and guesthouses to choose from. Booking early is necessary, especially in the summer tourist season.


By bus from Reykjavík:

It is also possible to travel to East Iceland by bus (Reykjavik Excursions, https://www.re.is). Due to the bus schedules you might have to spend one night in either Akureyri or Höfn on the way, where advance booking of accommodation is necessary. The weather and road conditions can be difficult in winter, and there might be road closures and other delays, so taking the bus is not really recommended in that period. In the summer it is a great way to see more of Iceland.


By rental car:

Renting a car is relatively expensive in Iceland, but it is a good travel alternative if you are a confident and experienced driver. In the winter especially, but also in all other seasons, it is essential to check the weather and road conditions before starting to drive. The trip from Reykjavík to Seyðisfjörður takes 9-10 hrs, both on the northern route and the southern route.

Important information about safe driving in Iceland: http://safetravel.is/is/


By ferry from Denmark:

Another way to come to Seyðisfjörður is by ferry: The Norröna ferry, operated by Smyril Line www.smyril-line.com, sails directly to Seyðisfjörður from Hirtshals in Denmark. The journey takes 2-3 days (2 nights at sea).


How to get around in Seyðisfjörður

There is no public transport in Seyðisfjörður, and no taxi service. But the town is small (population of 650), and it only takes a few minutes to walk or cycle from one end of the town to the other.

Our residencies are located in different houses throughout the town. All can be reached from the Skaftfell main building in a 2-5 min walk.



The residency apartments have wireless internet, with a download limit of 150GB per month. There is also free WiFi at the Skaftfell Bistro and many other locations in town.


Other artists-in-residence 

There are usually 3-4 artists on the Skaftfell residency program at the same time. We usually meet for coffee once a week in the Skaftfell office, or otherwise by individual arrangement. The upcoming Skaftfell Workstation will provide shared bookable workspace for residency artists and local artists, and hence create another meeting point.


Shopping and supplies

There is only one supermarket in Seyðisfjörður. More extensive (and cheaper) shopping can be done in Egilsstaðir.

The town has a post office, a bank, and a cash machine (ATM).

There are no specific art supply stores in Seyðisfjörður. In Egilsstaðir there is a hardware store “Húsasmiðjan” with a small paint, brush, and canvas section. The stationary shop “A4” sells paper and basic drawing utensils, as well as some art materials. The printshop Héradsprent in Egilsstaðir also has a selection of paper, paints, and basic tools, and offers a large format printing service. Furthermore it is relatively easy (although costly) to have supplies sent from shops in Reykjavík. See the SÍM list of art supplies and for printing, development and equipment in Reykjavik. The Skaftfell Workstation also sells paper at a small cost.


Art-related facilities and sights

Information about venues and events related to Skaftfell can be found here: http://skaftfell.is/category/facilities-and-venues/?lang=en

Artists-in-residence are welcome to propose a work-in-progress exhibition or open studio during their stay. We also arrange artist talks, lectures, workshops and other activities, upon request. If interested artists-in-residence are encouraged to engage in the art class organized by Skaftfell for the older primary school children in town.

The Creative Map of East Iceland points out a selection of places in the region that could be of relevance and inspiring during the residency period.


Payment of confirmation fee and residency fee

Successful applicants will be offered a place on the residency program. If they accept the offer, a confirmation fee of 90,000 ISK is due to secure their place. In case of cancellation this fee is not refundable. It also serves as a first installment of the residency fee. The rest of the residency fee is required before the artist’s arrival.


More information about the town and its surroundings can be found at www.visitseydisfjordur.is