Opening: Saturday, 09.11.2019, 16h-18h
09.11 – 11.01.2020
Amanda Riffo is a French artist who has lived and worked in Iceland since 2012. ELASTIC STRESS is part of Skaftfell’s series of exhibitions with younger artists based in Iceland who are at a critical point in their careers.

Riffo’s most recent work concerns the mechanics of visual perception and how the shifting position of the viewer changes they way things appear. By heightening the subjective aspects of vision Riffo allows the viewer to be aware of the various conditions present in the activity of looking. For this exhibition Riffo has conceived of an installation using sculpture, video and objects which interact together. She intends that the exhibition will, “reveal alternative aspects of our reality when materials are under some kind of invisible pressure.”

Amanda Riffo studied at the National School of fine Arts in Paris, where she graduated with a MFA in 2002. She has been based in Reykjavík since 2012. In November 2018 she had a solo exhibition CAVERN, at OPEN, Reykjavík; and in 2019 she was part of the group show OUTLINE at Maki Fine Arts Gallery, Tokyo.