Auglýst eftir umsóknum fyrir dvalarstyrk árið 2017 í boði Goethe-Institut Dänemark

GI_Logo_vertical_green_sRGBSkaftfell auglýsir í samstarfi við Goethe-Institut Dänemark, tveggja mánaðar dvalarstyrk fyrir einn listamann árið 2017. Nánar má lesa um styrkinn hér að neðan.

The Goethe-Institut residency grant includes

  • Travel costs up to 650 EUR for international and domestic travel to Seyðisfjörður. Collectable after booking.
  • Monthly allowance of 1000 EUR per month.
  • Fully covered residency fee.
  • Production costs up to 350 EUR.


German artists, and international artists who are permanently based in Germany with a strong and continuous involvement in the German art scene, are eligible to apply.

The residency program

The residency program at Skaftfell Center for Visual Art aims to create and nurture an environment for inspiration, focus, and experiment; to encourage artists to experience life and work in a unique micro community where creativity is applied to the everyday; to foster a sense of community between artists and the public in the rural setting of East Iceland; and to provide conditions that stimulate the dialogue between art and life.

The Skaftfell residency program is best suited for visual artists, but artists with interdisciplinary practices are also welcome to apply. The residencies are self-directed and can be used for research and/or for production of work. The Skaftfell staff is here to offer support and advice on the practical issues regarding life and artistic work in rural Iceland, and assist with the organization of exhibitions and talks within the art center’s capacities: Artists-in-residence have the opportunity to propose an exhibition in Skaftfell’s project space, and they are welcome to participate in the organization’s educational program, including artist talks, open studios, workshops for the local community and for primary school children. There are usually 3-4 artists-in-residence on the program at the same time, all year round.


The artist-in-residence will be accommodated in one of Skaftfell’s three studio apartments and will have sole use of the apartment/studio, as well as the opportunity to work and exhibit in our project space. The residency apartments are located in three separate houses in the town of Seyðisfjörður, all within a short walking distance to Skaftfell’s main building and to each other. All residency apartments have two bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room area with studio/workspace, worktables, washing machine, and WiFi.

Application process

The call for applications for the Goethe-Institut residency grant at Skaftfell is open until 20th September 2016. Applications arriving after the deadline unfortunately cannot be considered.

Please submit your application via the online application form:

Application form:

In addition to the application form itself, applications must contain the following attachments:

  • Portfolio with short descriptions of your recent work (PDF format)
  • Curriculum Vitae, max. 2 pages
  • Detailed project description, or a description of your intentions for, and expectations of, a residency at Skaftfell.

Only complete applications including the required documents will be considered.

The applications will be reviewed by an external panel of art professionals, and applicants will be informed of the outcome by the end of November.

Evaluation criteria

  • artistic quality and innovation of the applicant’s practice,
  • the applicant’s ability to work independently on a professional level,
  • evidence that the applicant is at a critical juncture in his/her development as an artist that will be advanced by the residency.


photo: Nora Mertes, Goethe-Institut residency grant recipient 2016,