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A new agreement between the Skaftfell group and Skaftfell art centre

On Oct 30 a new agreement was signed by Þórunn Eymundardóttir, chairperson of the Skaftfell Group, Auður Jörundsdóttir, chairman of the Skaftfell board. The Skaftfell Group is a grassroot association founded in 1997. The group founded Skaftfell Art Center, a non-profit organisation, and has the primary role of being the backbone of Skaftfell. The main purpose of the group is to appoint two board members in the Skaftfell board, as well as two alternatives, every three years.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Skaftfell Art Center, the group´s framework and laws were reviewed. The conclusion was for the group´s laws to be rewritten, which were approved during the group´s annual meeting on June 15, 2018. The new laws make it easier for new members to apply, a membership fee was added and general meetings will be held every three years. The new agreement includes that Skaftfell Art Center will manage the group and inform members on a regular basis of the centres actives.

Further information about the group is available here.

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