Alessa Brossmer / Morten Modin

Alessa Brossmer (DE) and Morten Modin (DK) are holding a pop-up exhibition in Herðubreið’s cinema on Friday May 24, 16:00-18:30. They will present the outcomes of their 2-month residencies at Skaftfell Center for Visual Art.

Light refreshments will be available, and everyone is welcome. There will be a short introduction to the artworks at 17:00.

Morten Modin (b. 1981) is a danish artist whose subject matter is located in a space where the principles of causality are very present but unstable: The work is related to the architectural, emotional and psychological variability of the surroundings, and thus site specific. Morten works with drawings, sculpture and installations, focusing on being bodily present in processes that intertwine the digital and analogue space. At Skaftfell he has mainly been working with large scale drawings.

Morten graduated in 2014 with an MFA from the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen and has shown his work at Aarhus Fine Art Museum (2014), Kunsthal Nord (2015) and Vejen Fine Art Museum. He received the Carl Nielsen og Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens Reward for his sculptural practice and has been supported by the Danish Art Council, both with working grants and production grants. His residency at Skaftfell is supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme.

Alessa Brossmer (b. 1988 in Germany) focuses on medially versatile works at the intersection of architecture and research. She uses photographs to make notes for three-dimensional works, incorporating casts, models, and vinyl. Alessa studied Sculpture at University of Art and Design Halle, and Applied Culture and Media Studies at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences. She has presented her artistic work in exhibitions in Germany and Austria, for example at Bauhaus Dessau, and at Kunstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis in Bregenz. Her residency at Skaftfell is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

Alessa’s projects in Iceland, ‘GlowInTheDark’ and ‘mission EARTH’, are both based on the forces of nature that can be experienced intensely on this North Atlantic island. Due to its location, Iceland is impacted by geological events provoked by ice and fire. The island’s rock formations are both witnesses and outcomes of these events and therefore they were chosen as the main actors of ‘GlowInTheDark’ and ‘mission EARTH’.

Image: Morten Modin, ‘Kitchen table issues and mountains’, 2019.