Andrea Weber exhibits at the Bookshop-Projectspace

Andrea Weber lives and works in Paris and Berlin. She studied photography and fine art in the years 1994 – 2006.

She is interested in questions of space and the interrelation between two- and three-dimensionality. The overlapping from the inside to the outside space or the relation between in and outside are important elements in her work. The spaces she creates are imaginary, intimate spaces inspired by dreams, nature and urban surroundings.

The openness of spatial design and the rejection of determination lead to an space- and timeless atmosphere. In her work she plays with multiple levels, with the levels of concrete media, but also with those of content and form. Anachronistic techniques of illusions and its artificiality, becomes a source of inspiration for the creation of artistic works.

Andrea Weber was an artist in residence at both SIM and NES residency in 2010, she is an artist in residence at Skaftfell during December and January.