Artist talk #4

Wednesday, February 16th at 17:00 at the Skaftfell Bistro.

The artist duo Konrad Korabiewski and Litten will talk about their work and present the audio-visual book-work ‘AFFECTED AS ONLY A HUMAN BEING CAN BE’. Korabiewski and Litten are artists in residence at Hóll residency during January and February 2011.

The artist Anthony Bacigalupo will talk about his work and show images.

About the artists:

Konrad Korabiewski (1978): Konrad distances himself from a generation of designed category music-makers, trying to fit in. As an experimental electronic musician, composer and multimedia artist, he is concerned and focused on absorption, content and atmosphere and the listening experience. Rather than using digital technology for its own purpose, he experiments with new possibilities for expressing philosophical views and conceptual artistic ideologies. He has played on various venues and festivals throughout Europe.

Litten (1977): is an experimental installation- and multimedia artist focused on the human perception of its surroundings. She expresses her philosophical artistic statements through different techniques such as tactile installation, photography, collage, experimental film, drawing/painting or a mixture of these. A recurring theme in Littens work is the human/cultural evolution in and phasing out of its natural origin which she investigates with a personal approach. She was educated in Textile arts and Visual communication from Hellerup textile Academy, Denmarks Design school, and autodidact as mixed media/collage artist [Copenhagen/ Berlin 2000-10].

During the last two years, the artistic duo of composer, audiovisual artist and musician Konrad Korabiewski and mixed media artist Litten have realized a number of crossover art projects. Here their forces in sound art, audiovisual media and digital art, photography, textile installation, painting/drawing and collage art, is connected to a strong experimenting, openminded and philosophical union. This latest collaborative artwork called; ‘AFFECTED AS ONLY A HUMAN BEING CAN BE’ by Konrad Korabiewski / Litten, is a pioneering, adventurous multimedia art book transgressing boundaries between visual art, book art, music, sound art and words. It encourage slow immersion in a portable art-installation with a profound sense of visual and musical space and depth,pointing out an alternative route in the modern river of passing picture, music and download-stream, as a coherent statement. Limited edition of 100 different and individually numbered copies. The work was recently nominated for Swatch Young Illustrators Award in Berlin, the world’s most important prize for contemporary illustration.

Anthony Bacigalupo, b.1984 in California. He has been living in Iceland for the past year. Though he studied photography, this medium has been rarely exhibited in galleries before, instead showing audio / video installations on stage with various bands or in private settings. Recently, sculptural & writing pieces have been seeing more light in his exhibitions. Anthony is currently working on a continuation of his Polaroid series as well as his short visual soundtracks, which will be shown at the presentation.
Bacigalupo is an artist in residence at the Iron House residency during February 2011.