Artist talk #8 – Monday, March 19, at 14:00


Judy-Ann Moule and Fernando José Pereira are artists in residency at Skaftfell – Center For Visual Art. They will give and artist talk next Monday at 14 o´clock, at Skaftfell. The video artwork PERMAFROST by Fernando can be viewed at the Bookshop-projectspace, in the evenings from 20-22 o´clock.


About the artists:

Judy-Ann Moule is drawn to objects and forms as raw materials for their potential to resonate. “I want to elicit a bodily response and provoke.  I transform found domestic and symbolic objects into aesthetic but uncanny structures. Playful and aesthetic on the surface these re-worked objects-of-play almost always have a darker side under the surface. I question and respond to my own conflictual experience. The works are mute, yet provocative material metaphors.”

“Sleeping out” by Judy-Ann Moule
Dimensions: 220 x 80 x 200cm
Materials: found objects, powder coated, leather shoes


Fernando José Pereira (Porto, 1961) has a degree in Fine Arts at the Fine Arts School of Oporto, Portugal and the PhD in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra, Spain. Works under the concept of post media which means handling several media in the construction of the works, but mostly video, photography and drawing. The main subject of work is connected to the relation between art and nature (as a cultural human construction) and mediated by politics. The last years has developed almost all work around the idea of decay/ruin as a form of allegory. The connection with reality is closer but not easy as art must be. For more detailed information go to the website:

Still from “Remote control/remove control” by Fernando José Pereira
two channels video installation, 05´39″
variable dimensions