Artist Talk: Lucia Gašparovičová, Tóta Kolbeinsdóttir and Salka Rósinkranz

Wednesday, February 1, 17:00-18:00, Skaftfell, 3rd floor

Skaftfell invites you to an artist talk with current residency artists Lucia Gašparovičová, Tóta Kolbeinsdóttir and Salka Rósinkranz:

Lucia Gašparovičová is a Slovakian visual artist based in Bratislava, where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, completing her doctoral studies in 2019. Working with objects, photographic images, author’s books, site-specific installations, she focuses on the study and recording of environments and phenomena related to the perception of everyday life. In her work, she tries to programmatically draw attention to and visualize phenomena that are, so to speak, “invisible” and thus ignored. To be able to step aside from everyday life and look onto it with a certain distance Lucia exposes herself to the natural conditions of Iceland during the winter months. During her two-month residency she will focus on the domination of natural phenomena and loneliness.
Lucia’s residency at Skaftfell is supported by a grant from Culture Moves Europe, implemented by the Goethe Institut, and the Slovak Art Council.

Tóta Kolbeinsdóttir og Salka Rósinkranz are friends. They graduated from the Iceland University of the Arts and have collaborated a lot through the last few years in exhibitions, happenings and residencies. Salka deals with different moods and relaxation on a speed of 1000 km per hour. She thinks about the truth, repetition, magic, the now and the future. She works in different mediums, with emphasis on drawing and printmaking. Tóta’s work revolves around storytelling, rituals, symbols and myths in different mediums: sculpture, print, drawing and artist’s books. Most recently they had an open workshop for a month in Gryfjan, Ásmundarsalur where they put up a printing studio and made one print a day for an artist’s book, and finished with an exhibition and a book release party. Themes that they are currently busy with are epic moments and the bizarre.