By the rivers in the wetlands up in the mountains

In her book by the rivers in the wetlands up in the mountains, atlas of icelands plant life with a pinhole camera, published for the time being as an artist multiple/book and currently on display at the store at Skaftfell, Halina Kliem explores Icelands plant life without a lens. By time exposure and its variations the pinhole hails climate and weather conditions of the arctic ecosystem to sprout the image. All plants printed in the book were photographed in East Iceland in May and June 2015.

Although new images from the Dawn spacecraft provide more clues, the unusual bright spots on Ceres continue to mystify. The closer we get to Ceres, the more intriguing the distant dwarf planet becomes. The images show the mysterious stains on the surface of the planet in ever higher resolution but cannotreveal the secret. (Sci-Tech Daily, June 22, 2015 on images taken by NASAs Dawn spacecraft of planet Ceres)

Halina Kliem (DE) has been working at Skaftfell as an artist-in-residency for May and June kindly supported by Goethe Institut.

The artists book/multiple consists of 15 accordion-folded inkjetprinted pinhole photographs & text, 14,8 x 21 cm.