Þórunn Hjartardóttir opens an installation in Skaftfell´s project space in Seydisfjordur Thursday, August 20th, where she is in residence for the month. The project space is the old book shop where Þórunn has made a time- and site-specific installation called Corrections.

Þórunn uses book-binding tape to paint geometry into the space.

I start by taking a good look at the architecture of the space, what signifies it? Is there something in it I wish to emphasize? Do I want to change the perception of the space, make use of visual effects and the perspective? The project space is a very symmetrical room and I decided immediately to take the symmetry even further – make a few corrections. I find it challenging to make the most of things and aim to add something to the space. I also find the connection with canvas and books rather poetic.