Sequences VI – Off Venue
Saturday April 13, at 18:00-21:00

The Norðurgata residency

In a three hour performative installation for Sequences, Andrius Mulokas will be proposing ways to push and support the dynamic potential of perception to create an expanded reality that can leak into one´s daily routine. By reframing fragments of reality from daily life in Seydisfjordur, he will be proposing drastically different approaches to the environment.

The experience of reality is undergoing massive experimentation in everyday life. Time and space morph in the virtual that is a new actual.

By tossing the middle point, Andrius goes for the over-live/dormant body and starts looping into absent/present. You are invited to join for a ride, fall in and out of  it.

The event is a part of Sequences VI – Off Venue,

About Andrius Mulokas:

After studying Visual Arts (B.A. from Kaunas College) and Architecture (Vilnius Art Academy), Mulokas´s artistic interest shifted to space in relation to the moving body. He started his dance education in Finland (North Karelia college) and continued through workshops in Vilnius and Athens.
Wishing to explore other alternatives to treat a moving body and to start developing as a maker, he moved to Amsterdam, where he was invited to the BA in Choreography program (SNDO) of the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK).
Born in 1983 in Kaunas,Lithuania,currently lives in Amsterdam while working in dialogue with the artistic scene there and abroad.
He has participated in works by Fernando Belfiore, Marina Abramovic, Benoit Lachambre,Gilad Ben Ari, Deborah Hay, Ann Liv Young, Loreta Juodkaite, Marta Ziolek and Roger Sala Reyner. And has shown his own work in Amsterdam,Vilnius, Berlin and Tel Aviv.


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