“Don´t let the sun go down on your grievances”

A two-day show at The Bookshop – projectspace

Opening on the 24/1 at 16.00

+ open 25/1 14.00-18.00

Matthias Ruthenberg (born 1984 in Berlin) lives, works and studies in Bremen, Germany. He works in the fields of drawing, artist books and small editions, experimental music and runs a tiny crappy-tattoo service.

During his two-month residency in Seyðisfjörður Matthias kept on working on daily-life inspired drawings. He found several impulses for a new description of things around him with the pencil. In the show you will find fragments of the weather, fake flowers, coffee, a sweater, the harpa, memories, tattoos, the shed, abstracts, a journey, the swimmingpool, the gas station, a punkrock-calendar, boring structures, secrets and the dog.