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Seyðisfjörður workshop

Nemendur, 2013
Students, 2013

Seyðisfjörður workshop is a two week long workshop hosted by the Dieter Roth Academy for students from the fine art department at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. The workshop has taken place annually since 2001 and is guided by Björn Roth and Kristján Steingrímur Jónsson.

During the workshop students are introduced to the practise of Swiss artists Dieter Roth and the special surroundings that Seyðisfjörður has to offer. Skaftfell is the main base during the two week period, were the students develop and create new art work. The process concludes with an exhibition in the Skaftfell gallery.

Workshop collaborators are The Dieter Roth AcademyIceland Academy of the Arts, The Technical Museum of East Iceland , Stálstjörnur and various local partners.

Nemendur, 2014
Students, 2014

Previous workshops and exhibitions:

2018, All Paths Blocked

2017, Koma

2016, mars, NO SOLO

2014, nóvember, Soð

2014, mars, Veldi

2013, Trarappa

2012, Skáskegg á VHS+CD

2011, Annan hvern dag, á öðrum stað

2010, Hand Traffic In The Box

2009, Kippuhringur

2008, Harware/Sofware

2007, El Grillo

2006, Sleikjótindar

2005, Austrumu kontakts

2004, Rjómskip

2003, Akustinen Estetiikka

2002, Skaftfell, On the Rót – 80 dýr

2001, Skaftfell á Færi