GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE International Video Art Festival

Herðubreið cinema
Wednesday March the 25th. at 20:00.
(109 min.)

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE is a travelling video art festival initiated by artist Clemens Wilhelm (Berlin) in 2011.

This edition of the festival presents a selection of German video artists born around the year 1980 whose works reflect issues of the globalized generation: personal and global issues clash as the individual struggles with society.

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE presents a powerful collage image of works that show the subconscious of our present: the extremes of capitalism, the consequences of consumerism, the pitfalls of digital romance, the crisis of masculinity, the horrors of history, the effects of surveillance, the detachment from nature, and the invisibility of death.
 A proverb tells us that “the grass is always greener on the other side”, reminding us that distant locations always appear greater than they are when seen from afar. When travelling physically, one often cannot escape the feeling that places are becoming more similar, more commodified, more corporate-ruled. Where is this “greener other side” in the twenty-first century?



Constantin Hartenstein
ALPHA (11 min)

Julia Charlotte Richter

Marko Schiefelbein

Clemens Wilhelm
CONTACT (15 min)


Thomas Taube

Ulu Braun
BIRDS (15 min)

Bettina Nürnberg & Dirk Peuker
ZEMENT (12 min)

Nike Arnold

Total 109 min

About the festival:

Since 2011 GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE has showed varying programs at Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing (CN), Sichuan Fine Arts Insitute, Chongqing (CN), Frequency Time Group, Chengdu (CN), SIM The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavik (IS), Meneer de Wit, Amsterdam (NL), Buitenwerkplaats Artist Residency, Starnmeer (NL), Titanik Gallery, Turku (FI), Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki (FI), Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, Tallinn (EST), Glasgow School of Art (UK), Babel Art Space, Trondheim (NO), Small Projects, Tromsö (NO), NOD Gallery, Prague (CZ), Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo (NO), and Zajia Lab, Beijing (CN).

GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE is non-profit and artist-run, made possible by the generous support of the featured artists and the hosting institutions.