Herna is the Icelandic word for here now and is used in everyday speech to bring you back into the moment when loosing yourself a little bit.

Artists Victoria Brannstrom presents Herna. On exhibition is the result of the silent walk were plants were collected and works made out of wool and wood.

Reading at 16:15
Victoria Brannstrom and Hanna Christel Sigurkarlsdottir

Blueberry juice and crowberry juice will be served.

The exhibition is a part of the Autumn festival and will also open: Sun Oct 18 at 12-14, Mon Oct 19 and Tue Oct 20 at 14-17.

I work mainly with performativ and interactive situations. Process is important for me and I follow the work and act and reformulate while its progressing. In Seydisfjordur I have been working on different founds and collectings. By preparing and work the founds Iv been trying to perverse or to refine the founds. Silent Walk Herbarium is a collective collection of herbs that are prepared to be a experimental herbarium.

Victoria Brannstrom is the current artist-in-residence at Skaftfell, Courtesy of the Nordic Culture Point.