Sequences VI – Off Venue
Saturday April 13,  16.00-19.00
Hóll – the Birgir Andrésson Residency

For Sequences Liam Scully (UK) will be presenting his film entitled Quake.

The film is a collection of earthquake actions starring the local community in Seyðisfjörður. This work is a dramatised account of the everyday, shopping at the local supermarket, having a beer with friends or going for an afternoon stroll.The mundane is abruptly amplified through a faux earthquake. Liam Scully will be presenting this video alongside a collection of drawings and collages documenting his daily life in Seyðisfjörður and his encounters with the local community. His activities on the Birgir Andrésson residency can be followed via his blog.





The event is a part of Sequences VI – Off Venue, www.sequences.is