Ingirafn Steinarsson – Hólmi / Elevation

New exhibition in the West Wall gallery in Skaftfell’s Bistro. Open daily from 15:00.

“The drawings bear a reference to the attempts of humans to understand and explain their experiences, and to the resulting knowledge systems. Frozen moments of “Eureka”, divine experience, epistemic explosion, the effects of hallucinating drugs or orgasm, drawn in details.”

Ingirafn Steinarsson graduated with a Masters degree from Malmö Art Academy in Sweden (2005), as well as from the Art Academy in Vienna, Austria (2003) and the Icelandic Arts and Crafts College (1996-1999). He has been showing his work in Iceland since 1998, and has taken part in exhibitions in many European cities and in North America. He lives and works in Seyðisfjörður.