Interzones or territories, disparate and similar, connected to each other by conducting images and by the energy transmitted through the filmed landscapes.
The zones are combining, overlapping, opposing, creating dynamics.
They are parasitized and interdependent. Connections occur.
Various layers follow one another in a nonlinear way.
Abstractions highlight perception, they affect and lead to an unreality that is confronted with the filmed real space.
The intensity of the sensations felt in sight of the Icelandic landscapes is accentuated.
Reflection on the duality and reciprocity between perception and apperception of a psychological and empirical point of view based on the senses.
Experiments. Immersion.


Valérie Bourquin lives in France. She obtained a BA and MFA at École Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. The connections between music, sound, images and space are some of her concerns and research. The encoding/decoding/re-encoding of facts, their dismembering and regrouping is part of her production process. She uses video, electronic music, 3D modelling and other media.