Landscape of the Heart

Curator Þórunn Eymundardóttir

Every human has in common the desire to belong, to see and understand oneself. The surroundings that a person grows up in inevitably become a big part of ones identity and thus influence a persons view of the world; the view from ones doorsteps.

On exhibition are selected works from the collection of the Seydisfjordur Municipality. The common thread in the selection are works that explore the point of view that humans take when celebrating their place of origin, honouring those that have made a difference in the community or remembering important milestones. The art works, in most cases gifts to the town, are therefore a kind of mirror images. The imagery: the beautiful fjord, or the givers most beautiful place, is not only an image of a place, it contains the deep love that we carry for our home ground, it is our point of view and the only true home.

Art works by:

Dieter Roth
Eggert Gumundsson
Emanuel A. Petersen
G. Wiseman
Garðar Eymundsson
H.A.G. Schitt
Kristján Hall
Ólöf Birna Blöndal
Sigurður Baldvinsson
and The Narrative Collection 2011-2012, initiated by Christoph Büchel

The exhibition is a part of the 120 anniversary of Seydisfjordur Municipality and is ongoing until July 5.

Kindly supported by: