Lifeforce, A Soliloquy and 6 Poems

Like a steady moving creek, life passes patiently with or without us. Lifeforce juxtaposes an out of focus image of a large boulder violently battered by cresting waves with fragmented pieces of snowy ice sheets being carried out to sea. Both films reflect spectacular rushes of energy by dilating the invisible wind force through the spatial transmutation of earth and water. A Soliloquy revitalizes and honors the Icelandic landscape in its purest form. Here we see “a scientist” moving through various stately scenes with a metal detector in hand searching for a material something. Through this ambit of visual poetry and inner reflection we discover an immaterial quest for a deeper understanding of self. A recognition of the insignificance of self in lieu of totality and supreme oneness. 6 Poems clearly invites us into the natural world through seductive compositions in verse, utilizing color and language to amplify the senses.

This collection of works on searches, fleeting powerful moments, and the merging of place with identity all speak to the process of creation. Through a thoughtful lens of projected film, text and sound Rashanna Rashied-Walker delves into the human experience, our soul experience. Life is Creation. Get Swept Up.

Rashanna Rashied-Walker is a New York-based artist and writer. She received a BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art and an MFA from University of the Arts in London, England. Much of her work levitates the visible and invisible poetry within the natural world.

Text by: Rashanna Rashied-Walker