Lisa M. Stybor – Flow of time

Lisa M. Stybor (DE), with Lísa Leónharðsdóttir (IS) / Anna Raabe (DE) / Max Richter (DE)  

Open Studio on February 22, 2019, 17:00 – 20:00, Skaftfell 3rd floor, Austurvegur 42.

One of Skaftfell’s current artists-in-residence, Lisa M. Stybor, will host an Open Studio and present work in progress in the artist apartment on Skaftfell’s top floor (enter through gallery entrance).

Lisa M. Stybor was born in 1953 and grew up in Aachen. She has been coming to Iceland for 20 years to study atmospheres, earth, sea, and fire. Today she focuses on time. Against the linearity of time she sets simultaneity. She has developed parallel different work cycles for more than 20 years. Recently she has adopted four different artist names, along with their own biographies and ways of expression. These alter egos are Lísa Leónharðsdóttir, Anna Raabe, and Max Richter.

Image above: Lisa M. Stybor, At the Creek, 2017, oil on canvas, 150x200cm, Italy

Lísa Leónharðsdóttir grew up in Iceland and has spent all her artistic life working about nature. She dedicates herself to diversity and beauty, atmospheres and intermediate areas, the dark and mysterious as well as the delicate and dissolving spheres. In a way, her 18 x 26 cm acrylic paintings are realistic and abstract at the same time: Realistic as Leónharðsdóttir analyzes the real color tones, and abstract as she relates each form to the horizon line. Here in Skaftfell she shows sketches of her most recent work.

Lísa Leónharðsdóttir, Sketch of „Snowflurry at the Gas Station, 8.2.2019, 8am, Seyðisfjörður“, colored pencil on paper, 26x18cm

Anna Raabe is an artist from Berlin. She works with the landscape as a space of memory. Her topic is pain – both as a suffering that man has inflicted on himself, and as a hardship which he is at the mercy of. Her last major project was a journey through eastern Turkey following the traces of the Armenian genocide. Here in this exhibition drawings are shown which correspond to the earthquake in L‘Aquila, Italy (2009).

Anna Raabe, The Tower, 2019, of the series to the earthquake of L’Aquila, graphite on paper, 50x65cm

Max Richter is a still very young painter from North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. He deals with dynamics and rhythm, with dissolution and transformation. The subject of the pictures shown is the element of water as an ever-changing phenomenon.   

Max Richter, At the Waterfall, 2019, graphite on paper, 50x65cm, Iceland

“The exhibition offers a time yard to us. It is built like a painted melody. The individual works are parts of the great symphony entitled „Song of the Earth“ and worked on parallel for the most part in the last 20 years. They tell of atmospheres, of vitality, of destruction and pain and of transformation and dissolution, and thus of all the things that concern us in our humanity in an existential way.”

Anne Simone Krüger, text passage about Lisa Stybor’s exhibition at Glückstadt, 2017.