Local/ Focal/ Fluctuant

Campus Novel_2015

Friday, Sept 25 from 19:30 – 22.00

Seydisfjordur is an international gate. Campus Novel investigate the port town in East Iceland against a global paradigm of nodal locations. Fluxes of people, goods and information form the character of the place and allow it to stand as a point of reference for issues of connectivity, mobility, networks, systems of control, thresholds and crossings.

The video installation Local / Focal / Fluctuant is an attempt to locate those features of a place constitutive of its particular identity as a point of passage.

Campus Novel is an artist run group working between Athens and Berlin created in November 2011. In their projects they attempt displacements on certainties and conventions of the contemporary western civilization with the intention to create the circumstances where new assumptions and relations may emerge. The group often focus on several aspects of an archaeology of the present as part of a retrospective practice seeking for new signifiers. Their projects encompass elements from different fields (philosophy, architecture, semiotics, performing arts) in order to suggest a dialectic form, free from any preallocated meaning. Campus Novel are Giannis Cheimonakis, Giannis Delagrammatikas, Foteini Palpana, Yiannis Sinioroglou and Ino Varvariti.