never mine

The exhibition never mine by Miriam Jonas transforms the Bookshop project space into a story not to be read, but to be stepped into: A visit to her Alter Ego´s imaginary mine, shelter and laboratory.

This story is driven by the impact that the artist’s location has had on her, as she was finding herself surrounded by high mountains and confronted with enduring insomnia. Upon hearing a tale about crystals inside those mountains which cause troubled sleep and dreams, the idea of a miner was born, digging, experimenting, and waking for relief and solution.

Miriam Jonas (*1981), Skaftfell’s Goethe-Institut Dänemark grant holder of 2016, works preferably with site-specific projects. She studied Fine Arts in Münster and Barcelona and is a trained theater stage sculptor. Until the end of September, she lives in the Norðurgata residency, also known as the Dream House. Allegedly, several former artists-in-residence who stayed in this house share an experience of troubled nights and strong dreams. More info:

Opening times: Sat/Sun 12:00 -15:00

Miriam Jonas’ stay is kindly supported by the Goethe-Institut Dänemark. GI_Logo_vertical_green_sRGB