Point of View

The Bookshop – Projectspace
Opening Friday May 30, at 21.00

In the end of may, Katrín Agnes Klar and Lukas Kindermann will show works dealing with the movement of the image of the moving image itself, the movement of the artist in the image or the image motivating the movement of the viewer.

The works of both artists are based on a conceptual idea of making art, either in the way of a steady or in a visually changing form. Their work process follows the idea of transformation; however in the end the visual products can take various forms.

Opening hours:

Saturday May 31, from 14-16
Sunday June 1, from 14-16
Tuesday June 3, from 14-16
Wednesday June 4, from 14-16


In the works of Katrín Agnes the content determines the medium. She mostly work with new media as well as public art. What she likes about new media is the often direct and simple way of realizing her ideas. Often it is the daily media lika mobile phone photos or webcams that interests her. She also works in public space, both with time based or permanent pieces. Katrí­n is interested in putting her art in a new context other that the usual “art context” and start a dialogue e.g. with people that aren’t used to consuming art at all. www.katrinagnes.com

Lukas Kindermann: Working in the field of video-, installation- and performance art, interested in producing clear images, leaving space for the viewers own interpretations. The presence of nature and reference of his own body are important components of his work. Believing in coincidence, Lukas is fascinated by supercharged objects referring to unimaginable sequences of circumstances. Referring to existing links or constructing new situations, he understands each work as a fragment of an endless growing (de-)construction. www.lukaskindermann.com