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Research projects

Over the past years Skaftfell has participated in various research projects, collaborating with a number of local and international individuals and institutions. These projects have been supported by, for example, The European Commission, EEA Grants, Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, and Koone Foundation.

To be involved in such international collaborations is important for Skaftfell’s work in the sense that the research activities refresh, challenge, energize and refine Skaftfell’s own activities. The outcomes of the projects range from exhibitions to art commissions, residency exchanges, publications, education programmes and more.


Nordic Alliance of Artists’ Residencies on Climate Action, 2021-2024

Frontiers in Retreat, 2013-2018

Transfer North, 2016-2017

Climbing Invisible Structures, 2015-2017

Artists as Agents of Institutional Exchange 2015-2016

Frontiers of Solitude 2015-2016

Creative-mapping the creative industry in East Iceland, 2013-2016

Baltic-Nordic Network of Remote Art & Residency Centres, 2011-2012

The Narrative Collection, 2011-2012