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The Narrative Collection 2011-2012

The Narrative Collection project took place 2011-2012. The purpose was to collect narratives from all the inhabitants of Seyðisfjörður during the two years, and to keep a kind of snapshots which together give a bigger picture of the community. Swiss Artist Cristoph Büchel, Skaftfell´s Art Director 2011-2012, initiated the project but it will be carried out in cooperation with the Icelandic Centre for Ethnology and Folklore (ICEF). The collection will take place simultaneously in Strandir and Seyðisfjörður.

The project formally concluded December 1, when around 200 narratives had been collected. To mark this occasion copies will be given to the local library, The Regional Archives and The Technical Museum, for safekeeping. Representatives from these institutions will be present to receive those.

About Skaftfell and The Narrative Collection from Skaftfell on Vimeo.

It is unique to have the opportunity to map the memories of an entire community. That sort of mapping not only gives insight into the community in question but is also a unique contemporary documentation. A document on human existence, a document on the passing of time, how generations communicate and the foundation upon which today is based.

The collection is gathered by recording short videos of people narrating and was then made accessible to the public at the collection´s center in Skaftfell´s gallery. The collection center was opened in June 17, 2001, and there visitors could watch the narratives and gather information on the project. The center was opened for eight months and new narratives where added continuously.