RIFF selection 2014

riff-2014 - MYSTERY OF THE ARCTIC CAIRN - Still hi-res

Skaftfell, in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Fljótdalshérað, will host an off-venue for Reykjav­ík International Film Festival in Seyðisfjörður October 9 and 10.

The screenings will take place´ in the Bistro.
Entrance is 500 ISK.

Thursday, Oct 9.

20.00 Home in the Ice / Eisheimat

22.00 Sounds Queer

Friday, Oct 10.

20.00 Mystery of the Arctic Cairn

21.30 Before I Disappear

About the movies:

Home in the Ice / Eisheimat
Heike Fink (GER)
2012 / 90 min

Trailer:´ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5S85fhO0Wzo

“Female farm workers from Germany wanted” ran an advertisement in 1949. 238 women followed the call and traveled to Iceland. Six brave females, now at the age of 80, look back upon this time. It is their last glance at a time of deprivation, of twofold loss, of their home in Germany and the home far away.

Sounds Queer
Dan Bahl (DE)
2013, 60 min

The documentary Sounds Queer depicts the work and everday life of three female DJs based in Berlin.

riff-2014 - MYSTERY OF THE ARCTIC CAIRN - Still hi-res
Mystery of the Arctic Cairn
Kyle O´Donoghue & Niki Redelinghuys (NOR/RSA)
2014 / 54 min

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8Sqx-dcI5k

In 1898 Otto Sverdrup set off from Norway aboard the famous ship, the Fram, to map the arctic. In his expedition diary, Sverdrup writes that they built a cairn at their Northernmost position, Land´s Lokk ´– the end of Land. To date this cairn has never been found. Filmmaker Kyle O´Donoghue documents a Norwegian led expedition in search of Sverdrup´’s lost cairn.

Before I Disappear
Shawn Cristensen (USA/GBR)
2014 / 98 min

A hopeless introvert, Richie, is just about to end his life when his sister calls and asks him to take care of her daughter Sophia for a few hours, so his dark plan has to wait. Later he has to stay with his niece for the night, but it turns to be the least of his problems when he is caught in a battle between his two bosses.