The West Wall gallery

21.03.10 – 18.04.10


Asle Lauvland Pettersen is a 31 years old Berlin based artist who works with several art genres; film, live performance, visual art and installation art. Pettersen is educated from art, film and theater schools/academies in Norway, Spain, Germany and Denmark. For the past year Petterses has mostly been working with live performances; in theatrical institutions, independent theatre groups and smaller one man projects. His artistic expression is at times very influenced by technological principles and structures, and has become a basic foundation for the creation process. Instead of using technology as artistic make up, he uses it as an starting point in favor of more classical deconstruction principles and other acquired process methods in the work of approaching themes and ideas.

The exhibition at Skaftfell is an interactive video installation that works with the live sound from the audience. The idea is to let the audience take control over the situation in the exhibition space by using their own voices to shout. The installation reflects over different political and sociological structures which will be interactively discussed with the audience.

The exhibition is a part of the videofestival program

The exhibition is open Wednesday to Thursday from 13:00 – 17:00 and Friday to Sunday from 12:00 – 22:00.