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Skaftfell Editions

In celebration Skaftfell’s 20th anniversary, and to fund raise for its continuing activities, the art centre is pleased to announce the launch of a suite of editions. The artists who have created the editions: Silvia Bächli & Eric Hattan (Switzerland); Margrét Blöndal (Iceland); Ragnar Kjartansson (Iceland); and Roman Signer (Switzerland) all have a connection with Seyðisfjörður and Skaftfell.
Silvia Bächli & Eric Hattan lived in Seyðisfjörður for four months in the spring of 2008, during their time here Silvia produced work for her solo exhibition at the 2009 La Biennale di Venezia, where she was representing Switzerland; in the fall of last year Margret H. Blöndal, from Reykjavík, created an installation throughout the gallery, pollur – spegill; while Ragnar Kjartansson was a part of the 2016 exhibition, the Assembly of the Hyperboreans; while Roman Signer has regularly visited Seyðisfjörður and exhibited in Skaftfell in 2010.

Silvia Bächli & Eric Hattan (Nr. 62) trilla 2018 Upplag 22, árituð 40 x 50 cm Digital Print on enhanced mate paper Verð: 85.000 kr

Silvia Bächli & Eric Hattan
(Nr. 62) trilla, 2018
Edition 22, signed
40 x 50 cm
Digital Print on enhanced mate paper
Price 95.000 ISK

Margrét H. Blöndal Án titls 2018 Upplag 20, árituð 21 x 28 cm Inkjet on bamboo rag Verð 45.000 kr.

Margrét H. Blöndal
Untitled, 2018
Edition 20, signed
21 x 28 cm
Inkjet á bamboo rag
Price 49.000 ISK

Ragnar Kjartansson Þau ræddu ódauðleika sálarinnar, 2018 Upplag 20, árituð 29.5 x 21 cm Silkiþrykk Verð 65.000 kr.

Ragnar Kjartansson
They discussed the immortality of the soul, 2018
Edition 20, signed
29.5 x 21 cm
Silkscreen print
Price 78.000 ISK

Roman Signer Seyðisfjörður, 2010 Upplag 22, árituð 30 x 45 cm Inkjet Verð 40.000 kr.

Roman Signer
Seyðisfjörður, 2010
Edition 22, signed
30 x 45 cm
Price 42.000 ISK

All of the artists have made editions especially for Skaftfell. They are released for sale individually or as a complete portfolio set. Skaftfell is incredibly grateful for the artist donating these works for sale which will allow Skaftfell to raise funds to help support the wide range of programming, residencies and educational activities of the gallery.

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