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Opening hours

The office is located at Öldugata 14 and is open Mon-Fri 09.00 – 14.00.

Opening hours over the year (subject to change)

Summer: June-August Winter: Sept-May
Gallery Daily 12.00 -18.00,
Wednesdays 20.00
Wed-Sat 13-18.00
Store Daily 12.00 -18.00,
Wednesdays 20.00
Wed-Sat 13-18.00
Bistro Daily 15.00-21.00* Mon-Sun 17.00-21.00,
The house of Geiri Private tours, 12.00 -18.00** Please contact the gallery
Tvísöngur Always open*** Accessible in good weather conditions

*The Bistro opening hours can change with short notice but the kitchen closes at 21.00/21:30.
Please contact us for more information.

** Private tours have to be booked at [email protected] or at the gallery. Price is 2500 ISK and max 5 persons.
A tour and view of Geirahús is also possible as a part of a sightseeing tour by Seyðisfjörður Tours, www.seydisfjordurtours.com.

*** Tvísöngur is accessible for pedestrians, no driving.

Updated Sept 23, 2019