Svandís Egilsdóttir – Several Drawings of Mountains

West Wall gallery, Skaftfell Bistro, March 10 – May 10, 2021.

Open daily 16:00-22:00.

Several Drawings of Mountains is a collection of moments in which mountains come into play – mountains painted from land, mountains drawn from the sea, inner mountains and outer mountains. They revolve around the artist’s relationship with these mountains and moments, attempting to get to know them and herself at the same time.


There is always a mountain above.

Immobile and stable, often scalable, sacred or variously sacred mountain.

The holy mountain summer, this last summer.

Moved to tears, sitting up there

everything was there, in the atmosphere. A sacred moment of joy.

There was also; family.

“Mom,” said the youngest, “you always paint the same mountain.”

I’ve been thinking about the child’s words for months.

This winter, the mountains delivered a surprise.

They said, “Do not underestimate us, little crickets, pawns, men, or whatever your names are.”

These pictures are painted before they told me that. I doubt I can paint them again like this now.


Svandís Egilsdóttir is a teacher and painter, among other things, with a diverse education and all kinds of interests. She lives and works in Seyðisfjörður.