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The Kitchen Sink Revolution in Herdubreid Cinema

The Kitchen Sink Revolution in Herdubreid Cinema

The Kitchen Sink Revolution is a documentary film chronicling the effect of the womens party that ran for office in 1982 on women in politics in Iceland. After the colourful grassroots radicalism and awakening of the seventies the so-called New Womens Movement (or Second Wave Feminism) took on different routes throughout the Nordic countries. In the Scandinavian countries some feminists chose to stay with the grassroots, other entered already present political parties or establishments and yet others fought in the universities to create gender theory. In Iceland women decided to take the bull by its political-horns and launched the political […]

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The experimental film/video festival will be realised for the fourth time in Egilsstaðir 21st – 28th of March. The setup of year 2009 is different from earlier as the emphasis is on Video Installations. Seven artists (or teams) have been invited to install and exhibit their work in Sláturhúsið, Egilsstaðir and 4 videoprograms have been chosen from guest curators and will be screened in Eiðar, Skaftfell, Skriðuklaustur and Egilsstaðir. The plan from now on is that bi-annually the festival will be bigger (like last year) with workshops etc.; the other year it will be fewer artists with bigger installations & […]

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